Refrigerated Transport Services

Professional Carriers provides our customers with the most consistently safe, reliable, and professional refrigerated transport services in the truckload transportation marketplace. We are able to provide exceptional service by dedicating ourselves to maintaining advanced equipment, hiring experienced drivers and support staff, and covering the areas that matter to our clients the most.

Non-Temperature Transport Services

Our primary cargo is food, beverages and associated ingredients. However a number of our customers have selected us to provide transportation for their non-temperature products as well due to the benefit of the Tridem Advantage.

Equipment Services


Service Area

On-Time Performance & Tracking

Load Security & Protection

Equipment Services

Our trailers provide both refrigeration and heat service with a range of 85F to -20F (27C to -28C), and all meet HACCP food grade standards. We use technology that allows us to centrally monitor and ensure the required temperatures are maintained. Additionally, we operate high capacity cold reefers with the ability for a deeper freeze to accommodate dairy and ice cream products.

Professional Carriers’ fleet of trucks

The Tridem Advantage

A Tridem trailer consists of 3 axles rather than the standard 2 axles. The third axle allows for approximately an extra 18% payload in most Canadian regions.

  • Less impact on loading weight during spring thaw restrictions
  • Over 80% of our fleet is tridems
  • Very cost effective for our Canadian customers

Multi-Temperature Specialized Service

A multi-temp trailer has 2 temperature output evaporators and a moveable cold wall to create 2 compartments which can maintain 2 different temperatures. This specialized equipment is most often used to haul fresh and frozen product in the same load.

  • Moveable cold wall allows you to customize each temperature compartments size to meet your specific load needs.
  • All our Multi-Temp Trailers are tridem to allow for greater product weights within Canada.
  • The temperature in each compartment is maintained and monitored separately.
  • We have invested in this specialized equipment to provide a broader range of services to our customers

Tandem Trailers

A tandem trailer has 2 axles and can run in any market; however the majority of our tandem fleet runs in the USA, as our Canadian customers prefer the greater payloads of the tridem advantage we offer.


Because of the temperature controlled equipment we provide, the majority of our freight is refrigerated or heated. Our primary cargo is food, beverages and associated ingredients. On our Tandem trailer we also carry non-temperature commodities.

Professional Carriers Commodities

Service Area

Tridem & Multi-Temp Fleet
Tridem and Multi-Temp are the majority of our fleet which allows us to provide” temperature-controlled freight service, coast to coast within Canada. We transport commodities between Atlantic, Central and Western Canada; as well as between Canada, Washington and Oregon states.

Tandem Fleet
Our tandem refrigerated transport services operate primarily between Atlantic Canada and the South-East, North-East and Mid-West USA. Additionally, we operate into California from Atlantic and Western Canada.

On-Time Performance and Tracking

Our 3-year average on-time delivery performance is 98.3%. We accomplish this by utilizing our satellite tracking to monitor your load’s progress and proactively take action to correct any delays when possible. When delays cannot be avoided, we will contact you as early as possible to advise you of the delay and our plan to minimize it.

Professional Carriers staff member tracks truck locations across North America

Load Security & Protection

The cornerstones of our security plan are:

  • Separate tracking systems of both trucks and trailers to ensure our trailers are monitored and tracked at all times, even when not connected to a truck.
  • Minimize the number of people handling and accountable for the product, by providing sealed point to point service.
  • Take a very proactive approach by all, including management, anytime a load is required to sit enroute, to ensure all precautions and monitoring measures are in place, such as satellite geofences, which alert us to unscheduled load movements.
  • Train drivers well on security requirements and provide them with frequent security reminders.
Professional Carriers’ secure lot

Commitment to Safety

We take safety very seriously and are proactive in our approach to ensuring all of our employees and refrigerated transport equipment meet our safety standards.

  • Equipment is inspected daily.
  • All trucks are inspected every 90 days by certified mechanics.
  • All equipment is sanitized and cleaned in between loads.

We seek out the best and most experienced drivers in the refrigerated transport industry because experienced owner-operators know how to avoid hazardous situations allowing Professional Carriers to provide the best service, claims, and safety results.

Professional Carriers driver inspects truck
Experienced. Reliable. Professional.



Our experienced drivers are dedicated to providing you with the safest, most reliable shipping service.

Superior Communication

If an unavoidable delay occurs, we contact you immediately with a detailed plan to minimize the delay.

Proven Track Record

We maintain on-time annual delivery rates of over 98% making us one of the most reliable in the business.

Advanced Equipment

Our tridem fleet allow greater load weights and our multi-temp trailers accommodate two product temperatures per load.

Proactive Tracking

Our team proactively monitors your shipment’s satellite tracking position, to ensure on-time delivery.

Helping You

Our entire team is dedicated to supporting our customers and our drivers and owner-operators.

Load Security

Our training and safety plans ensure that your valued cargo is secure from the time we accept your shipment to the time we deliver.

Claims Free

We have a proven low damage and claims history, a testament to our experienced and skilled drivers and owner-operators.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive marketplace pricing consistent with advanced equipment and superior drivers and owner-operators.

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